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A D I G Client Accomplishments

you+shirt is a wholesale shirt company that really has the retailer and consumer in their plans. They have a speciality store concentration and they grant exclusive territories to their customers. We have created for Colton Bernard a marketing piece for the anniversary celebration of the 15th, 20th and 25th years they have served the apparel industry. We developed a rock climbing pant and short for Climber Wear. The pant features benefits that the rock-climbing enthusiast needs. For Generation-E, we help develop a practice target for the paint ball player. We also developed a glove for the participant. Wills Leisure is a very comprehensive project starting with concept and culminating with their flagship store. Taylor Made is a leader in hardware; we made them a factor in apparel too! We developed their soft goods as well as the sales tools needed to sell them into retail. Southern Lumber Company updated their signage program to go along with the Store Planning’s divisions, remerchandising of their sales floor. The new signage program maintains a consistent look throughout the sales area. For RLM we created a new identity that was more suited to their desired customer base. We then extended that identity to all their collateral materials. For Hi-Tec’s Magnum line we extended their identity to apparel. We designed and produced their first collection. Our Store planners created their Point of Sale fixturing. ADIG helped introduce the Homemade Favorites brand into the marketplace. We developed packaging and POS sales tools as well as a comprehensive press release package. Bullock & Jones has ADIG develop and produce their private label menswear.

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